Pathways to Homeownership for
Gig Economy Workers


Wells Fargo Foundation

Lydia’s House

Our Approach

Over 57 million Americans are freelancing, which equals 36% of the U.S. workforce and 50% of millennials.  America’s gig economy contributes $1.4 trillion annually to the economy, a 30% increase since last year.  


Gig work has become a great way for people to earn extra cash to make ends meet.  However, the cash-based, transient nature of gig economy work can make it difficult to save for long-term financial goals like buying a house and lead to a vicious cycle of bad financial habits if these earnings are not directed towards wealth-building opportunities and assets.



The Wells Fargo Foundation was looking for an innovative way to support America’s gig economy by helping workers save more and invest their earnings in home ownership. Under this initiative, Wells Fargo Foundation and Lydia’s House will be licensing Sou Sou Lite as a way to help workers save smarter with peers, repair credit scores and participate in eligible first-time home buyer programs.


This initiative is a great way for Wells Fargo to earn Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit while driving affordable housing opportunities for low to moderate income communities. 


Value Proposition for Banks

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Earn Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit

Generate high quality leads curated specifically for your institution

Brand it. Customize it with Sou Sou’s white label API capability

How it Works


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Our expert team of software engineers and financial health experts will help customize a social banking solution to complement your existing products or services. We can also help your institution create a new financial health program from scratch that earn CRA credit.


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Clients get all the resources, tools and support services needed to attract, onboard and retain customers. We offer white label API so that you can customize Sou Sou and easily integrate Sou Sou into your team’s workflow.