Bank Social

Strengthen customer relationships with our social banking technology and intelligent matching software.

Join banks, governments, and organizations

We build social banking solutions for banks, governments and affinity groups. Our technology is designed to help clients leverage the power of AI, big data, online communities and positive peer pressure to attract and retain new customer segments.

What We Offer Partners

Social Banking API &
mobile apps

We offer a simple, customizable social banking wallet and mobile apps that allow financial services companies, organizations and governments to enable group savings goals and payments, person-to-person payments, communal payments, social networking and set-asides on a virtual wallet through one recognizable, consistent consumer brand. The Sou Sou API can be integrated into any bank card or bank account.

Intelligent matching API

Complement your marketing and lead generation strategy with our intelligent matching software, designed to connect customers to the right capital, surety bonds and free government services designed to build financial health, financial resilience and credit readiness. Through Capital Connector, partners get access to exclusive public private partnerships with government agencies.

Customizable wallet and card solutions

From subprime to premium, we can provide attractive debit card offers to consumers anywhere across the credit card spectrum. These offers include rewards cards and no fee cards.

Traditional savings clubs

Already running an informal sou sou, tanda or gameya and looking for a safe, compliant and legal way to manage it with your partner bank? Request a demo to learn how the Sou Sou wallet and mobile app can formalize and better manage the risks of rotating savings clubs.

Network and Technology Partners

Use Cases

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