Deepen Customer Relationships with Lending Circles

Invest Sou sou, A social banking platform

Introducing Sou Sou Lending Circle Accounts

A secure and easy way to help your clients save, build credit & build wealth with peers using lending circles.

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Already running a sou sou, tanda or gameya?  Looking for a better way?  We can provide you with a technology-enabled solution to help organize group, manage payments and earn interest off the money saved using cutting-edge financial technology.


We provide a suite of financial advisory, marketing and recruitment services for clients interested in starting or growing a lending circle.  Request a consultation to learn more.


Our team has over 30 years of professional experience providing access to capital and financial literacy workshops focused on: social banking, credit counseling, personal and business financial management services.


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We support a global network of community banks & investors that actively lend to small businesses and prospective home buyers. Schedule a free consultation to learn more. 

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