Save. Build Credit or Invest with people you trust.

How it Works

Sou Sou is a smart social banking wallet that banks can license to help customers save smarter, build credit or invest – with people they know and trust – seamlessly using any bank account or card. Interested in opening a Sou Sou Wallet for your friends or organization? Join our waitlist by clicking one of the links below.

Here's How it works

Step 1

Download the Sou Sou app. Set a saving or investment goal.

Would you like to buy a home, start a business, make investments, buy a car fundraise, or make vacation plans? When setting up your Sou Sou enter your goal and you are one step closer


Set up your profile

Define the amount you would like to save and your timeline. Connect your existing bank account to your invest Sou Sou wallet

Step 3

Invite your Crew

Invite people you trust to share your Sou Sou. Collaborate and build together. Review your Sou Sou’s progress and message in app.

Step 4

Your Account is activated! Begin Saving

Set aside funds each month to support your savings goal. Take a look at the progress you are making. Read up on wealth building resources and request a loan.

Step 5

Sou Sou tracks your progress

Begin receiving alerts about your progress. Grow your Sou Sou score to unlock rewards and exclusive members only events, products and services. Cash out when you meet your goal