Our Story

Sou Sou is a crowd banking community.  Our goal is to help people cultivate the savings, cash collateral and financial savviness needed to attract a loan or line of credit from community banks and credit unions. Our members save, build credit and build wealth, together. 

Our Tradition

Sou Sou was inspired by traditional village savings and loans models that exist around the world.  In West Africa and the Caribbean, it is called susu. In South Korea, the term is gaedon. In the Middle East, it is called gameya.  Millions of people - roughly 80% of the world's population, according to the World Bank - have been using informal savings and loan practices for centuries as a way to save and invest when banks and venture capital are not an option. We are modernizing this practice for the 21st-century borrower.  

Our Technology

Lenders use our crowd banking technology to find, recruit and cultivate prospective borrowers. We help loan officers and brokers access new markets and close deals faster & more efficiently.                

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