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Sou Sou Crowd Banking Platform

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Customizable Crowd Banking Platform as a Service (Paas)

Sick of paper applications? Parter CDFIs can digitize their loan application process through the Sou Sou lending platform. Applicants apply via the app or website. Our team sends loan offers snapshots of bank notes showcased on the platform, complete digital applications and attachments for instant review.

Cash Collateral + New Deposits

We use secured credit cards and social capital to help our entrepreneurs build their credit worthiness and save the cash collateral needed to attract loans and lines of credit from financiers. These funds are held in partner banks' escrow and savings accounts to help build their capital base.

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Curated Leads that Meet Your Lending Criteria

Your loan officers get access to highly-vetted loan applications that meet your specific lending criteria real time. We collect and review loan applications virtually to help you expand your coverage while decreasing the time and capacity needed to issue approvals. Target the exact type of borrower you want while filtering out those you don’t.

Credit Scoring

Looking for a more efficient way to pre-vert applicants? Sou Sou provides complete and accurate credit scores from top credit rating agencies to make loan determinations easier and faster.

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Marketing & Branding

We help you differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering marketing, public relations and co-branding opportunities with Sou Sou partners in your target area.

Customer Analytics + Cash Flow Analysis

Get to know your customers more intimately and track their progress. Our platform analyzes real-time data drawn from financial management software and other services to access cash flow and borrowers' ability to service debt. Make solid lead-buying decisions utilizing analytics through our lender portal.

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Customer Support

Sou Sou has the right resource team in place to identify and reach business customers seeking financial products. This empowers us to deliver qualified, high-intent applicants to your loan officers so they can focus on what they do best: closing deals.