Fonta Gilliam

CEO & Co-Founder

Fonta has over ten years of experience working as a Diplomat for the U.S. State Department and a Management Consultant for Deloitte Emerging Markets Practice.  She served as the U.S. State Department Africa Bureau Entrepreneurship Advisor, managing small business programs for over 1,000 African millennial and women entrepreneurs. Under President Obama’s Administration, she helped lead the White House Global Entrepreneurship Summits in Morocco and Kenya.  Over the course of her career, Fonta has personally raised over $62 million in pubic-private partnerships for the U.S. Government.

Innocent Ephraim

COO & Co-Founder

Innocent Ephraim is a mobile money expert. He has over 12 years of telecommunications, fintech and mobile money experience working for illustrations organizations such as the Gates Foundation’s Financial Services Deepening Trust Tanzania and Vodafone.  Innocent studied at Harvard University and led Vodafone’s launch of the mPesa platform in South Africa.  As co-founders, Innocent and Fonta have worked together for almost two years building the Sou Sou algorithm and testing it with early adopters.

Paul Broekman


Paul has worked in telecommunication, financial, medical and municipal services industries, as a solutions architect, systems analyst, business analyst and developer. Paul likes to be involved in all aspects of the solution delivery lifecycle, which allows him to provide quality solutions on time and within budget.  

Chuhan Wang

Graduate Fellow

Chuhan is currently pursuing her Masters of Science degree in Finance at Johns Hopkins University.  Her professional experience includes banking data collection and analysis, debt review, financial regulatory security policy, and fintech. She holds a BA in Economics with a specialization in public finance. 

Ryanna Miller

Program and Business Development

Ryanna specializes in poverty reduction, refugee assistance, international law and global policy.  Ms. Miller has worked extensively with under-represented communities as a governmental institution liaison to develop projects on health and wellness, voter participation, and business development. Ryanna holds a BA in Political Science Summa Cum Laude from Alabama A&M University and an MA from American University in International Relations.

Maya Gilliam-Morris

Marketing & Web-Developer

Maya is the owner of two successful business: Ma'ati Spa,  and a multi-media firm based out of Washington DC.  She is a massage therapist, hypnotherapist, digital curator, photographer, videographer, producer, director, editor, multi-media professional and entrepreneur. After her graduation from Howard University, she went on to be the Assistant Photo Editor, USA Today, Sports, while simultaneously running her own company, III Eye Digital, LLC, a photography, web & graphic design firm. 

Enaisia Avontuur

Product Development

Enaisia is an information technology development, financial services and financial security specialist.  She has over six years of experience developing mobile money solutions for some of the world’s largest companies including Accenture and Vodafone South Africa.  Enaisia helped design Vodafone’s mPesa offering for South Africa.

Isaac Kasongoyo

Software Engineer

Isaac Kasongoyo has played  roles ranging from system architect and full stack developer on different large-scale applications. His technical skills include Android, PHP, Javascript and Amazon Cloud Computing. He has worked with World Bank Group as the software engineer consultant developing apps that increase the availability of data in Africa and improve the life of African people.

Board of Advisors

Lesley-Ann Vaughan

Lesley-Ann is one of the creators of M-PESA, working as Product Management lead. She has expertise in MFS initiatives, both telco-led & bank-led, including essential elements such as Risk Management, AML Compliance, Agent Management, Customer Service. 

Ignacio Mas

Ignacio is an executive director and co-founder at the Digital Frontiers Institute, a new organization that is developing a professional development network and training course around digital money and payments. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Fletcher School's Council on Emerging Market Enterprises at Tufts University.  

Hamshy Raveendran

Hamshy is a global business development expert.  She specializes in selling complex technologies to large corporations.  Her passion lies in driving social change and leveraging technology for good.  Hamshy currently works a Senior Sales Manger for Samsung Electronics America.